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By Myself


Stars are brightly shinning in the sky
Friends are sitting quiet side by side
Lovers walking hand in hand together
Here we are alone and out of time

Standing in the rain
Calling out your name
Life is not the same
Without you

Is it love that keeps us all alive?
Do we search for soulmates all our life?
Can we ask the sun to shine forever?
Does it have to be all black and white?

Standing in the rain
Calling out your name
Life is not the same
Without you

You know I loved you

Where do I go?
What do I do?
Where do I find?
Somebody like you
I’ll miss your touch
I’ll miss your smile
Please don’t cry
I’m leaving you although I know it hurts so much
To give you one last kiss
To leave you here like this
I know it hurts so much
It breaks my heart in two
These words are mine for you

No matter what people told you
You know that I loved you
I did and I still do
Wherever destiny takes you
I’ll always protect you
You know I always do
(You know I love you)

My memories
All of my dreams
I packed them all
Was not meant to be
A perfect life
A simple call
A fairytale
I’m leaving you although I know it hurts so much
To give you one last kiss
To leave you here like this
I know it hurts so much It breaks my heart in two
These words are mine for you

Never be feat. CABRON

So unhappy but I decided to lie
The truth was too much for my mother’s pride
Cause she was so young, so blind to see
I’m drifting away like a boat on the sea
Drowning her sorrow in a glass of Champaign
And I suddenly I was the one to blame
For all the mistakes she has done in the past
I missed out so much growing too fast

I will always be torned by memories of a childhood dream
Forever she will regret the mother she could have been
He will never again be there for me when I turn 18
If we could see, we’ll never be, a family

Walked out of my life when I was 6 years old
My father was nothing but distant and cold
As fast as the day goes from dust till dawn
He walked out the door and never came home
Nothing has changed as the time has gone by
I’m still a mistake in my father’s life
Few years ago, when the cards have been played
He reached out to me, but it was too late

Walk away

My heart is heavy like a stone
I’m on the road of no return
Embracing life all on my own
With no illusions of eternal love

I still here every promise sound so clear
I still hear every whisper in my ear
Only time will make them go and free my mind

I will find my way back home
Maybe somehow I’ll move on
And I will no longer live for yesterday
No more tears for me to cry
No regrets and no good bye
There is no turning back
I cannot stop
Nothing can keep me to stay, I walk away

So cold became my restless soul
I only pray to let me go
Cause too long I lived a lie
Too much I loved her never asking why

Yes or No

Hot body, face as cute as it can be
There is nothing like that in the whole world
I smile; she smiles right back at me
I see that’s a beautiful girl

Look at that guy, starring at me
Looking perfectly in his Armani suite
Oh, for God’s sake, he comes my way
I gotta stay cause he looks so good

Oh, oh, tell me yes or no
Do you wanna go?

Home with me tonight Babe, don’t you drive me crazy
I need you babe
Home with me tonight
Uh, I don’t know what to do
I might be into you
Hold on let me think
Hey, you seem to be ok
If you really wanna play, get permission from my pimp

Give me 100 and the girl is yours
This ain’t no church but a place for hors
Don’t fall in love with a gorgeous chick
Think with your head man not with your dick
Don’t full around for more than an hour
Give my girl time to dress up and shower
Are you insane man, got stuff trough your nose
Show me 1000 and you can propose!

Nice outfit, dressed up surely to impress
When she dances all the guys turn
I’m cool but now I must confess
I guess that girl made my heart burn


Good-bye, don’t call
I’ll pack my things and go
Love ain’t here anymore

There’s a note by the phone
There’s your key in the hall
Don’t wait for me
Tonight I ain’t coming home

Cause I, I’ll be soon on the road
Somewhere lost in the world
All by myself
I’ll be there all alone
Playing every sad song
Over and over again

My love, don’t cry
I did not know what to say
Please forgive me someday

Tell me what do I do?
Life is a journey for two
Tell me where do I go?
I already miss you

Playback song

I’m just a boy band boy
My music is just noise
Tell me why are you still here
On me the light is on
You watch TV back home
But you still know it all

Turn off the radio
What’ you waiting for?
Is just a playback song
What’ you waiting for?
Pick up and through the stone
What’ you waiting for?
It’s me against the world
What’ you waiting for?

Now everybody’s waiting for my fall
They say the boy ugly, stupid and old
Somehow I sing my song and I stand tall
They say the boy is not talented at all
You gotta….

I’m just a product boy
A face without a choice
Why the hell you keep on dancing?
My English sounds all wrong
I’m always out of tone
Why do you play it on and on?

Sex toy

My back against the wall
My cloths are on the floor
The cash is on the table
She’s 49 but able
Able to pay my bills
Willing to hear my dreams
No, she’s not my mother
I have no shame, don’t bother

Come on girl just give it to me
Come on boy just give it to me

Skin on skin moving slow
Choosing sex over love
What the hell am I doing?
I’m out of control
Easy boy, don’t you worry
Go ahead, don’t be sorry
Don’t be confused
She wants to be used

Come on enjoy, I’ll be your sex toy
Go on and scream, I’ll be your wet dream
You need my body, I need your money
I give you one night; you give me a better life

My man is out of town
She says as she goes down
He’s on a business trip
She screams as I go deep
Handcuffs, big boots and yelling
She’s into role playing
He’s loving wife and mother
If he would know, I wonder?!

Doctor Mary

I went to see Doctor Mary
She asked me kindly what’s wrong can you tell me?
I said I need a prescription
To cure me up from my new addiction

Cause my head is spinning
My mind keeps on dreaming
My hands are shaking
My knees might be breaking
I wake up crying
Can’t eat and I’m starving
I’m not lying
Oh Mary, I think I’m dying because

Down, down, down
Baby you through my heart to the ground
There’s no one else like you in town
I fall in love and you just fool around

What do I do when I fall madly in love?
Is there a pill or something you’re thinking of
What shall I do when someone doesn’t love back?
You gonna save me or just let me have a heart attack?

Oh no
Just love me back
You know I keep crying
I’m not lying
Oh Mary I think I’m dying because

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